Free ‪‎BBM Stickers 限時免費 BBM 貼紙‬ BBM 10週年及早前的大集合

BBM 福利來了,今天 Free ‪‎BBM Stickers 限時免費 BBM 貼紙為‬ BBM 10週年,只有8月1日的1天免費下載大家抓緊時間下載吧。BBM Stickers 適用於 iOS , Android OS, BlackBerry OS.

還有一些早前的 Free ‪‎BBM Stickers 限時免費BBM貼紙大集合:

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 BBM Channels PIN︰ C000A50FD

 BBM PIN︰ BBClubs

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) 1.0 誕生於2005年,回顧過去的 BBM 10週年:August 1, 2005: Birth of BlackBerry MessengerAugust 2009:GPS location integrated with BBMBBM adds PIN barcode scanningIntroduced Streamlined voice notes and Animated Display Picture first on mobile deviceJuly 28, 2011: BBM 6 Launches with Connected AppsNovember 2, 2011: BBM Music Beta LaunchesSeptember 13, 2012: BBM Enters the Collins English DictionaryDecember 10, 2012: BBM Voice Launches with BBM7 UpdateOctober 22, 2013: BBM Goes Cross PlatformNovember 26, 2013: BBM Channels LaunchesApril 1, 2014: BBM Stickers LaunchesNovember 20, 2014: BBM Meetings LaunchesJanuary 7, 2015: BBM Supports Android WearablesFebruary, 2015: BBM Shop Hits 1 Billion ViewsMarch 4, 2015: BBM Hits 100M Google Play InstallsJune 26, 2015: Private Chat IntroducedJuly 3, 2015: BBM Gets Android Material Design MakeoverAugust 1, 2015: BBM Celebrates its 10th Birthday

[ Free ‪‎BBM Stickers 限時免費 BBM 貼紙‬ BBM 10週年及早前的大集合 ]





▲ BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) 1.0 誕生於2005年,回顧過去的 BBM 10週年。



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 Free ‪‎BBM Stickers 限時免費 BBM 貼紙‬ BBM 10週年及早前的大集合