Propylene Glycol Vape Liquid 

PG fluids are generally thinner than VG. This makes it easier for the wax or cotton on the atomizer to absorb the fluid.



Due to the thinner consistency, there are usually much less deposits on tanks and atomizers. This will produce a cleaner e-cigarette experience.

PG e-liquid/liquid has no flavor at all, which means that it will not affect the overall flavor of e-liquid.

It produces a better voice similar to smoking. Several users liked this feeling, so they chose PG e-liquid.

Some people report allergies to PG e-juice or e-cigarette oil.

Vegetable glycerin vape oil/liquid

VG e-cigarette liquid or e-cigarette liquid usually becomes thicker. As a result, it tends to produce more residue and build-up on the evaporator components, and can additionally reduce the life of the atomizer.

VG Electronic Cigarette Liquid or Electronic Cigarette Liquid I like it very much. It is commonly used as a sweetener in sugar substitutes.

VG e-liquid or e-cigarette e-liquid produces a denser vapor cloud due to its total dense composition. This is one of the main advantages of using VG instead of PG.

Compared with PG liquid, when using e-cigarette liquid/liquid, many customers complained of throat discomfort. VG e-liquid tends to produce a smoother impact.

Several people have reported allergies to VG e-liquid or e-liquid. It has been reported that after regular use of VG e-liquid or e-liquid, sputum will accumulate in the throat.

Whether you choose VG or PG, it depends on your personal choice. Want a greater throat hit? PG is the only way. Want to burn a thick vapor cloud? VG is the best choice.

How can I choose vape oil

First of all, choosing a good e-liquid should look at the following aspects:

Look at the color

Without nicotine, e-liquid is generally colorless or light yellow. If you add some heavy-colored extracts, there will be a corresponding color. If it contains nicotine or adds too many natural extracts, the coloring will be more unstable, and it may change color after a day or two or after exposure to sunlight. Fruit color It is more unstable. I think tobacco and mint are generally light yellows or golden yellow.


The first smell should not be unpleasant. You can dislike the smell, but it should not be unpleasant and repellent, except for female compatriots, especially tobacco or nicotine.

Look at the amount of smoke

The amount of smoke is not only related to the quality of the atomizer but also has a lot to do with the e-liquid. I think it would be great if the two are well matched. Relatively speaking, the e-liquid with a large amount of smoke is better than a small one. It is easy to smoke, and the smoke is fine and smooth. The burning smell may be related to the smoke oil, but the atomizer may be higher.

The feeling of passing through the throat

Friends who smoke know the feeling of the throat. In writing, it is the impact on the throat. This is mainly the effect of nicotine. Nicotine-free e-liquid basically has no impact on the throat, but too high nicotine will cause irritation. It feels that most of us can withstand 16MG.

It’s pretty good. If you don’t have a smoking age of 8 or 10 years, you should not choose a high-concentration one.

For our domestic flue-cured cigarettes, the amount of nicotine that is similar to its impact is 6-8MG. If it is foreign heavy-flavored cigarettes, such as Red Marlboro, Camel, American Spirit, etc., it needs to be about 12MG. Foreigners generally have more flavors, haha.

The higher concentration of nicotine in a good e-liquid will not cause too much irritation to the throat, and a bad puff is like being struck by a needle.

Feeling through the lungs and nose

If you can’t even pass the throat level, you can’t pass the lungs and nose. I can’t describe the feeling of passing the lungs in words. Only after passing the nose will you really appreciate the taste of this e-liquid.

In the step of smelling the smell above, what you smell is only the surface smell. The professional name is (table fragrance or top fragrance). In general, a good e-liquid generally feels comfortable, can taste the taste, and can also play a refreshing and refreshing effect.

The feeling of the mouth after inhaling

Many people have responded that the throat will be very dry after smoking the e-cigarette. It is right to be a little dry, and it will heal soon after stopping, because PG and VG have water absorption, but it is not right to be dry. If you smoke too frequently, of course you will feel dry. Chewing gum is delicious. If you eat more in a short time, your teeth will also be sour. You can still feel the smell of this e-liquid within a short time after you stop smoking.


As an e-cigarette user, it is important to understand all the truth about e-cigarette oil. Recognizing what e-cigarette oil is, your preferred nicotine toughness, and the best PG/VG ratio will definitely provide you with the most effective e-cigarette experience.

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